About Elexu

Launching a new worldwide Social Interactive TV platform, Elexu™ (pronounced: elects you!) is a global media company headquartered in London.

Elexu’s technology merges existing formats of online social networking with television to create the first truly interactive social TV experience. iVO™, Elexu’s interactive overlay player is the first commercial release utilizing the innovative broadcast technology behind our flagship connected TV offering.

Elexu offers brand, charity and agency partners the unique opportunity to produce and distribute high-quality, entertaining, interactive content at a fraction of the cost, time and resources normally associated with broadcast. This critical step change, coupled with Elexu’s ability to deliver unparalleled insight into customer preference, sentiment and behaviour, makes Elexu the ideal partner for brands seeking innovation in their social media, customer engagement, experiential marketing, e-commerce and R&D activities.

In addition, ElexuTV gives aspiring youth the opportunity to showcase their talents, grow their fan base and fund personal and charitable projects. Joining Elexu’s online community enables members to monetise their content, viewership and community-building activities. Moreover, members can vie for valuable endowments in high-profile, brand-sponsored competitions. The best of these competitions are serialised for broader IPTV distribution as interactive reality programming.