About iMET

iMET, a not-for-profit organisation at the heart of the Alconbury Weald, is being created to meet strategic and economic demands by delivering advanced technical skills training in manufacturing, engineering and technology.

The centre has secured £10.5million in capital funding from the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership’s (LEP) Growth Deal.

With the new industrial development comes a new provision for advanced and technical training to deliver local employers’ requirements to upskill their workforce.

iMET has emerged from a global picture that currently sees the UK currently placed sixth in the G7 productivity rankings and a national target to improve performance.

In response to this situation, the National Infrastructure Plan for Skills published by the Treasury in September 2015, identifies the need to embed technical and engineering skills coupled with new technical skills that encompass digital and technology-based industries.

IMET’s ultimate goal, and measure of success, will be increased productivity, shareholder value, GDP and national wealth.