About Wilcocks & Wilcocks

We are a privately owned wealth advisory company, founded in 2005, and a Directly Authorised firm under the FCA since 2009. If you are looking for financial advice that helps deliver financial freedom, provides you with a sense of security, and inspires fulfilment, you have come to the right place.

Our approach is one that listens first, plans second, and only advises – once we really understand you – third. Using our proven CLEARER model, including our Evidence-Based Investment philosophy, we have helped over 50 entrepreneurs and families plan and invest their wealth better.

But, if you think this is all about a better return on investment, you’ve already missed the point. Most financial and investment advisers seem to have forgotten what money is for. In our opinion, it is about helping our clients achieve a better return on life. True wealth, on your terms.

That’s why we call ourselves something different: Financial Life Planners. We are on a mission to change the reputation of our industry for the better. By design, we are small. We are also extremely honest and care hugely about our clients.