About NNU Immigration

NNU Immigration is a London-based US immigration law practice offering sophisticated US immigration services to global businesses, entrepreneurs and high net-worth private clients across all industries including media, entertainment, technology and financial services.

We offer expert advice and elite service to our global clients, and greatly value and nurture our business relationships with UK law practices, accountants, tax advisers and other professionals to provide comprehensive service to our clients.

We offer the knowledge, resources and experience of a large practice combined with the high-touch service of a boutique practice. We know that our clients rely on us to deliver critical results and our focused expertise allows for a comprehensive assessment and presentation of all immigration options.

At NNU Immigration, the cornerstone of our success if our long-standing relationships with our clients and we strive to be trusted partners to our clients. We are passionate about helping all of our clients achieve their business goals and we service small and mid-sized companies with the same level of attention and sophistication that we would provide a fortune 500 company. NNU Immigration offers thorough analysis of every legal matter, clarity in legal advice and most importantly, excellent service.